Natural Medicine Relief

It is our mission to produce the highest possible quality organic medical cannabis products at highly competitive prices. Our organic products will provide the necessary physical and mental relief without having to rely on possibly contaminated products that can end up doing far more harm than good. There are many low quality contaminated products containing harmful fertilizers and pesticides produced by those simply looking to profit from cannabis and those who rely on it for relief.

Additionally, Naturaliefs is planning to develop a wallet and debit card to hold multiple crypto and fiat currencies. The two will be linked and allow payments by converting NMR or other Tokens to fiat currency at POS or simply pay with any crypto tokens if accepted. This will benefit cannabis businesses in particular due to the current traditional banking issues they face as they will be able to store payments and funds in the wallet. This is a complicated project and will require substantial time and resources.

Approximately 18 months after beginning operations we are planning to offer franchising opportunities. NMR Token holders will be able to use tokens for purchases and/or discounts on our products and for those interested use NMR Tokens for a discount on the franchising fee. We will update this website periodically with our progress and milestones.


Help Us Raise Funds by Buying our NMR (Natural Medicine Relief) Crypto Token

You can help us by purchasing our Ethereum-based Natural Medicine Relief Token (NMR) by sending ether to our contract address 0x67C7e2D8a2CCcc111018B2aFA8bb8f361f6a85E8. For every Ether you send you will receive 1,000 NMR tokens.

If you don't currently have an ethereum wallet, you can create one using a browser extension such as MetaMask or MyEtherWallet. There are others available as well, just do a search for 'Ethereum wallets'. Please follow all instructions so you can keep your wallet secure. Please email us for any questions.

Current Environment

The current environment for the legalization of cannabis globally, especially the medicinal cannabis movement, has been developing and changing both in society and governments. It has increasingly been gathering steam with Canada recently passing the Cannabis Act, allowing adult use of marijuana. In the USA, 31 states and D.C. have legalized cannabis for medical purposes and in 8 of those it is also legal for adult recreational use. Australia allows medical marijuana use nationally. What happens going forward remains to be seen for sure, but at least the conversations in favor are happening at the highest levels of government.

Europe is Leading the Way in Medical Cannabis Legalization

Europe has a very progressive attitude as regards medical cannabis. The Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Poland, Romania, Italy, Czech Republic, Switzerland, Greece and others have all legalized access for medical patients. Other European countries where cannabis is not legal, such as France, Spain, and Slovenia allow cannabis-derived drugs for certain ailments. Along with Europe, attitudes in Africa are becoming friendlier towards medical and adult use marijuana and several countries in South America have either legalized medicinal use or, as is the case with Uruguay, adult use is completely legal.